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Taming the Healthcare Data Deluge

Taming the Healthcare Data Deluge

The healthcare industry today is sitting on a mammoth amount of data. There has been exponential rise in healthcare data with increased usage of electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) system. As per studies, today the amount of health information is doubling every 3 years; by 2020 it is estimated to double every 73 days

As the healthcare industry undergoes a change and business priorities shift, we can’t be oblivious of the fact that the legacy architecture if continued can play havoc with the lives of people. And of course, the onus lies with the CIOs of healthcare and pharma companies who can bring the change and could be the ‘change agents’ in establishing and transforming their current IT architecture. Their prudent decisions, with a 360-degree approach, can make a better tomorrow.

The changing scenario calls for efficient technologies, a new operating model that can take care of cost, agility, productivity, lower total cost of ownership, and lower capital and operating expenditure. Cloud, being the nucleus, would play a critical role in the digital transformation journey of an organization. Hence, the scout would be for a right cloud platform that would help in enhanced scalability, improved agility, increased productivity, lower total cost of ownership, and lower capital and operating expenditure.

In this context, cloud-based model of Hybrid Cloud Private is gaining a lot of traction these days. The complex set of data center capabilities and services is increasingly based on managed virtual private cloud services plus hyperscale public cloud services.

This is managed via a mix of remote infrastructure management services leveraging traditional tools, cloud management platforms (CMPs) and intelligent automation (IA).

Future growth in data center managed services will come from customers' desire to reduce their own data center footprint while increasingly leveraging economies of scale, extensive capabilities, and intelligent automation effects associated with hyperscale public cloud capabilities and large service providers.

The underlying tenet being that the cloud is secure to the core with cyber resiliency services - ensuring your IT Infrastructure and services is always-on, a very critical requirement in healthcare industry.

Key areas of discussion and takeaways
  • Amid data deluge, the advent of latest technologies such as blockchain is propelling healthcare organisations to reinvent themselves. The time is ripe to adopt the latest technologies in order to keep pace with the changing times. As cloud forms the base, it’s important to revisit and redeploy the right cloud platform.
  • With expansion of infrastructure for an expanding ecosystem, the need arises to build a robust healthcare architecture. The right architecture calls for accessing, managing, storing, sharing, integrating and analysing big data within a limited IT budget.
  • How to deal with challenges such as data fragmentation and security? A number of data breaches stories have hogged limelight this year with hackers doing their bit to steal healthcare information. How to keep certain threats at bay?

To learn more on where your critical data is and manage risks from a single view of your enterprise, join The Economic Times CIO Roundtable powered by IBM with below key takeaways:
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Zeroing in on best practices in HPC
Cloud-The key to innovation
Best global practices
Ensuring data security


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The huge volume of data in medical, genomic and life sciences industry calls for digital reinvention in healthcare. Going by studies, the amount of health information is estimated to double every 73 days by 2020. Currently, it is doubling at every three years. This ocean of disparate data can be churned and utilized to get some innovative solutions for some of the enduring health challenges that can make our lives healthier.

But making the transition from volume to value is no cakewalk, the healthcare industry requires a robust infrastructure architecture and may be in need to transform the existing infrastructure. As we move ahead to capture, integrate and analyse data, modernizing infrastructure to drive innovation remains a key bottleneck.
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