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The Economic Times Tech Transformation Summit
The Economic Times believes that with the changing dynamics of the global economy, the role of the CIO has evolved in the corporate setting. They now step outside the confines of their IT domains to drive value for their organizations, through adroit technology management. The Economic Times has always been at the forefront facilitating organizations and professionals to gather insight on how to deal with critical business and technology issues.....read more

Information Technology in India
India is the world's largest sourcing destination for the information technology (IT) industry, it accounts for approximately 67 per cent of the US$ 124-130 billion market. The Indian IT sector is expected to grow at a rate of 12-14 per cent for FY2016-17. The IT Industry provides employment to almost 10 million people, in the country. The perception of India in the global market has changed due to the economic transformation of the country through IT. India’s ability to provide IT services is almost 3 to 4 times cheaper than US, thus, making India rank on top in the global sourcing market. Nonetheless, India has gained prominence with several IT firms setting up innovation centres in India.