7 April 2018
Trident Narimon Point, Mumbai
Mumbai Indians Vs Super Kings
Wankhade Stadium

13 April 2018
Shangri-La, Bangalore
Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Kings XI Punjab
M. Chinnaswamy Stadium
27 April 2018
The Oberoi, New Delhi
Delhi Daredevils Vs Kolkata Knight Riders
Feroz Shah Kotla Ground
15 May 2018
The Lalit Great Eastern, Kolkata
Kolkata Knight Riders Vs Rajasthan Royals
Eden Gardens
16 May 2018
Intercontinental Marine Drive, Mumbai
Mumbai Indians Vs Kings XI Punjab, Wankhade Stadium
17 May 2018
Shangri-La, Bangalore
Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Sunrisers Hyderabad
M. Chinnaswamy Stadium

Unleash the Business Value of Cyber Security

The worldwide security spending is expected to reach $96.3 billion in 2018, an 8 percent jump over the previous year. It makes one thing clear that organizations don’t need to be convinced about the seriousness of security threats anymore. The security threats are real and being driven by organized groups of criminals to inflict serious damage.

Systems are being infected to demand huge sums of ransom and not just cause nuisance. Plant machinery is being infected to stop production and inflict business loss, which was unheard of or the rarest of rare occurrence. Critical infrastructure like electricity grids, nuclear power plants, etc. are being infected by malware for large scale outages or stopping a country’s nuclear power program. Individuals aren’t safe either because they’ve also become smarter and more connected. Their personal data is also targeted for financial gain and not just to irritate them.

Welcome to the dark side of an increasingly connected world. A world where data is the new oil and data breaches are the new form of waging war for gaining supremacy!

The message is therefore clear. Besides the benefits, the fast-paced move toward digitalization also comes with some serious security threats. Security therefore must be driven from the top, just like other digital initiatives. It must be a part and parcel of the overall digital business strategy of an organization.

Can Printers be a medium of Cyber-attacks?
Storage media
Imaging and printing devices store sensitive information on internal drives or hard disks, which can be accessed if not protected.
BIOS and firmware
Firmware that becomes compromised during startup or while running could open a device and the network to attack.
Mobile printing
Employees who print on the go may accidentally expose data, or leave printouts unsecured.
Without adequate monitoring, security blind spots across your fleet may remain undetected and increase costly data risks.
Printing and imaging jobs can be intercepted as they travel over the network to or from a device.
Input tray
Special media for printing checks, prescriptions, and other sensitive documents can be tampered with or stolen from an unsecured tray.
Ports and protocols
Unauthorized users can access the device via unsecured USB or network ports or via unsecured protocols (such as FTP or Telnet).
Control panel
Users can exploit imaging and printing device settings and functions from an unsecured control panel, and even disable the device.
Cloud-based access
Unsecured cloud connectivity may expose data to unauthorized users.
Multi-function printers can easily capture and route jobs to many destinations, potentially exposing sensitive data.
Key areas of discussion at The ET-CIO Roundtable
  • What are the security practices implemented to ensure records and data are protected?
  • Enhance security, control & productivity
    • Protect documents and encrypt print jobs on their way to a device.
    • Enhance the security of networked printers by easily authenticating devices and users.
    • Offer print-reliant departments, and mobile or remote workers access to the features they need.
    • Delete unclaimed and obsolete jobs prior to printing—saving money and conserving resources.
  • How to authenticate, safeguard, secure your data?
    • Enhance the security of networked printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) by easily authenticating devices and users.
    • Provide users with a single authentication solution that supports a wide variety of proximity card protocols.
    • Reduce IT support costs while enabling 24x7 hour availability.
    • Support organizational security and privacy policies.
  • Benefits of secured prescription printing, wristband printing solutions.


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